School Uniform …updates for September 2018!

Our school tie is now a COMPULSORY part of the uniform- available from our usual stockists- for boys and girls. This will be worn with a more formal white shirt. The rest of the uniform remains the same. We have not made any decisions about prefects and junior governors yet, but will let children know as soon as we return in September.


GGJ School expects all pupils to wear the GGJ School uniform at all times during the school year.  The uniform has been kept simple so that it is easy to find and buy at a number of local outlets and to keep the cost of uniform to the minimum.  Parents are expected to send their children into school correctly dressed and we ask that you inform us by telephone or in writing if, for any reason, the appropriate school uniform cannot be worn.


BOYS – Uniform GIRLS – Uniform
Grey/Black trousers Grey/black skirt/trousers
white polo shirt/cotton formal shirt for tie White polo shirt/cotton formal shirt for tie/ Blue summer dress
Blue sweatshirt with school logo Blue sweatshirt with school logo/Blue cardigan with school logo
Shoes or black trainers   (footwear must be totally black with no designer logo)  Shoes or black trainers(No heels higher than 4cm)
PE Kit PE Kit
Blue/black shorts Blue / black shorts
House colours t-shirt House colours t-shirt
socks socks
Trainers/pumps for indoor use Trainers/pumps for indoor use
 Football boots/trainers for   outdoor use Football boots/trainers for outdoor use

 The school will provide all new starters in year 3 with a school bag and swim bag..



GGJ  School has a no jewellery policy. We follow County policy:

Pupils may wear a single pair of stud earrings that they must be able to remove for PE and games lessons.  No other jewellery may be worn to school although pupils may wear watches.

Parents who wish their child to wear jewellery in keeping with their religion/ethnicity should contact the school direct to discuss the individual requirements.

Earrings and watches must be removed for PE/games lessons.

Do not allow your child to have pierced ears if they are unable to take them out and put them in easily

Only have your child’s ears pierced at the beginning of the summer holidays so they do not miss any PE lessons.