Childrens Voice

Year six visit Liverpool and Manchester-February 2019!

Hi…It’s year six blogger-girl here!!
Last week on Thursday and Friday some of us year 6 kids went on a trip to Liverpool. They did a lot of amazing activities while they were there, including going to Space Port, Chill Factore and a lot of others as well. We all had a great time and experienced lots of cool, new and different things.
At first we didn’t go to Liverpool because we went into Manchester. In Manchester we went to the Science and Industry museum then we went to the Manchester Airport to got and watch the planes and learn more about them. After we finished at the Airport we went to Chill Factore (it was cold). We had so much fun at Chill Factore because we were with most of our friends. We ended our first day by going to the Youth Hostel, where we were staying the night .
After we woke up we got ready and went down for breakfast. There was a hot breakfast choice and a cereal choice, there was fruit, croissants and other things too. After that we went to a ferry. We went on the ferry to our next activity. The ferry was fun and as we were gliding across the water, we heard a bit about Liverpool. We arrived at our next activity Space Port ! We went into a room and watched a clip about space, then we launched rockets-everyone (including teachers) had a go, we watched another space clip. After the clip finished we got back on the ferry and ate our lunch on the way back. We went to a museum after the ferry. There were 5 different levels in the museum so we split up into groups and we had a vote on where to go. After we explored we got to spend money in the gift shop.
We all had an amazing time and we hope all the year 5’s next year will too. Bye for now!