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Greengate School Curriculum:

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Harry Potter experience at Barrow Library 2019.


Year six had a virtual £1000 to invest in stocks and shares during this project. Most ‘companies’ made a profit!!


At the end of the project, year six had some fun designing/making carrier bags for their ‘company’!


Our curriculum takes us out of the classroom too!

Curriculum Policy 2020Download

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Click a link below to see each year group long-term curriculum plan for topics and foundation subjects:

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Four year curriculum plan 19/20: Download

Year six literacy curriculum 19/20: Downlaod

Year five literacy curriculum 19/20: Download

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For more detailed information about curriculum in our school, please contact:

Mrs. P Hillman (all curricular areas)

Mr N Abernethy (Literacy Co-ordinator) & Mrs. S.Hill (Numeracy Co-ordinator);

Mrs D Ditchfield (Science Co-ordinator)