Greenfinches and The Hive!

In Greenfinches and The Hive we aim to provide a caring, nurturing and safe environment where pupils are provided with experiences that make them feel valued and respected. We help our pupils recognise, understand and develop skills to improve social and emotional well-being. We continue to remove learning barriers and to motivate pupils through a wide range of learning opportunities. We do this by following the six principles of nurture:

The Six Principles Of Nurture

1. Children’s learning is understood developmentally

2. The classroom offers a safe base

3. The importance of nurture for the development of wellbeing

4. Language is a vital means of communication

5. All behaviour is communication

6. The importance of transition in children’s lives

(Ref: Lucas,S., Insley,K. and Buckland,G. (2006) Nurture Group Principles and Curriculum Guidelines Helping Children to Achieve, The Nurture Group Network)


Opening Lawson Street Park- October 2019:

Some of the Greenfinches and Hive children were lucky enough to have an afternoon down at Lawson Street Park to join in with the opening of this upgraded facility. A Greenfinch dad from Love Barrow Families has been a strong driver for this project so it seemed fitting that his son and friends were there to enjoy the party!






Autumn displays 2019:





Rainbows and Unicorns!

Sensory work.

Displays and work for Autumn 2017.

Greenfinches Growth Therapy Project 2017


Greenfinches having fun in the 2017 sun!


Greenfinches visit Furness Abbey – October 2016


Greenfinches celebrate Miss Baines’ birthday!