Current Work

STEM day for the new year six children- Autumn 2019.

Our new year six children took part in the ‘Glide to the Line’ challenge at Furness Academy this Autumn- it was great fun and one of our group gliders actually won the challenge!





Dr Wise and STEM experience for year five children: April 2019

All children in year five got to work with engineer Dr. Wise on a day of STEM activities and challenges. This annual opportunity really enhances our science provision across the year five age group.




The Lost Words…whole school topic February 2019!
Spring term 2019 Topic Work!!

Class 5G Harry Potter topic work…..

Class 6H Varjak Paw work…..

Other class topic displays……

Music Challenge Spring 2018.

Mrs Sadler set the latest musical challenge- class had to perform a song from another country, make a percussion instrument to accompany the song and choose a specific rhythm to accompany. The bar was set high!! Every class performed their piece and as always, we were all very creative!





STEM club completed their Action Planning Challenge 2018…they have designed and built a flood proof home model…testing to follow!


Wake up to Shakespeare for year six!

Year six had the chance to extend their literacy and drama skills when Frances Horridge from the ‘Wake up to Drama’ academy came to work on Macbeth with them. Sessions included ‘How to die in an Elizabethan way’; ‘Sword Play’ in Shakespeare’s theatre; ‘The Three witches’ scene; ‘Banquo’s ghost’; ‘Freeze frames’ of Macbeth scenes. Frances is brilliant with the children and they have really enhanced  their understanding of The Scottish Play!





First TOPIC assembly of the Spring term 2018!

Class 6H started this term’s round of class assemblies with an excerpt from their HEALTH topic- all about Microbes. They told everyone what microbes were, all about diseases and how your immune system can fight them. They also discussed useful microbes and how to keep yourself disease free. In class, they have also researched Edward Jenner and Louis Pasteur. We look forward to class 5G’s assembly next week, also on the theme of HEALTH, all about the sugar levels in different foods.



Spring 2018: during the first part of this term our school moves from designated National Curriculum planning to a more ‘child-centered’ model of planning, with topics chosen by each class. This term we have some exciting topics-Health and Fitness/ Planet Earth/ Rain Forests/ Food/ Chocolate/ Chocolate and sweets/ Blue Planet/Sport/ In the News/ Imaginary Worlds. Have a look at our sample planners below…..

Health and fitness topic planner 6H 2018

6S Topic – Amazon and rainforests

6A Topic – Planet Earth

topic planner 2018 5W

5G class topic Spring 2018

Blue Planet

In the news

3M ‘Land of Make Believe’

Chocolate and sweets

Year six and VARJAK PAW…AUTUMN 2017!

As always, Power of Reading is providing a real buzz in all year groups. Year six are currently getting into characterisation and authors use of words through an all time favourite of ours…Varjak Paw by SF Said. This deep thinking and lengthy discussion is leading to some fabulous writing and display work in year six!



Year three assembly for their chosen charity – February 2017

Class 3I set off the start of class events to raise money for this year’s ‘Chosen Charities’. Mr Irving’s class had an assembly and cake sale to raise money for ‘Action against Hunger’ which his daughter is going to support through her global fund raising efforts.

The class raised over £140!

Topic Term 2017

Displays for Autumn 2016