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April 2024

Intent, Implementation and Impact

The national curriculum for Physical Education aims to ensure that all pupils:

  • Pupils will develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities. 
  • They are physically active for sustained periods of time. 
  • Children engage in competitive sports and activities. 
  • They lead healthy, active lives. 


At Greengate we want to provide children with a range of experiences and allow them to develop their skills of movement, as well as to develop and apply their interpersonal skills, including determination, self-belief, honesty, teamwork, respect and passion, as celebrated in the School Games movement. 

We want children to have the chance to compete at a variety of levels and apply their skills individually and in teams.  We want children to use self evaluation to analyse their own learning and look at ways of improving themselves.    

But most importantly, we want our pupils to enjoy being active and to appreciate the physical and mental health benefits of an active life-style now and in their future. 


The PE curriculum is carefully planned from the National Curriculum 2014 and lessons always built on from previous learning and skill acquisition, by use of skills ladders

Basic skills of running, jumping, throwing and catching are taught in isolation and in combination a range of PE activities and smaller group activities.  In every year group, children play competitive games and learn to apply basic principles suitable for attacking and defending

Games are usually conditioned to facilitate the practice of skills being taught.  Children develop flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance through multi-skills, dance, gymnastics and athletics and they perform dances using a range of movement patterns. 

Opportunity is given to pupils to perform to their peers, other children across school and to our wider school and local community in order to show-case talent, hand work and commitment. 

They are provided with regular opportunities to compete in intra and inter-school activities, both through our local School Games Network, other leagues and through fixtures organised by individual teachers.  Some teams in recent years have enjoyed the success of competing in county level/ School Games Level 3 competitions.

We hold an annual Sports Day where every child competes in an event for their team.  This event has an opening and closing ceremony and a pupil workforce to maximise opportunities for children to hold positions of responsibility. 

Children take part in outdoor and adventurous activity challenges in local settings and in The Lake District. 

Children are encouraged to compare their performances with previous ones and demonstrate improvement to achieve their personal best, across all areas of Physical Education. 

All areas of the PE curriculum are taught from skills ladders, giving teachers some flexibility in the activities and sports through which they are taught, depending on their individual strengths and the strengths and needs of the class.  Some lessons are taught by coaches and we welcome opportunities for experiences which link to other areas of the curriculum, although with the opportunity for CPD that such experiences bring. 

Children participate in a term of swimming lessons each year, which also involve life-saving and water safety aspects.  


Progress is assessed after each activity to determine whether children demonstrate emerging, expected or exceeding skills and data is collected by the PE coordinator for analysis. 

Where possible, children with emerging skills are offered further provision.  Children who show exceeding skills, or indeed particular enjoyment of an activity area, are given opportunities for leadership or are presented with pathways towards school-based clubs and clubs outside of school. 

Children’s levels of activity are monitored and clubs are tailored to try and address the needs of less active children. 

Lesson observations are conducted by the PE subject leader using a peer mentoring approach.  Skills ladders are collected termly so coverage may be monitored. 

We celebrate all sporting participation and achievement in our celebration assemblies and on our social media.