Y3 to Y6 pupil’s responses to reading

In November 2019 we asked all our Y3-Y6 children to participate in a survey about reading. The reasoning behind the questionnaire was that staff were concerned about the children’s reluctance to read especially outside of school. More and more children were spending time on computer games rather than reading! During parents evening we were also being told that they were finding it hard to get their child to read, with some parents reporting that they found it hard to know how to encourage reading and how to help their child. In school the children enjoy Guided Reading sessions and especially the books that are read to them by staff. As a staff we felt we needed to know what the children’s thoughts were about reading.

Reading is a main focus for Greengate Junior school In 2017 & 2018 we were above the nationals for attainment and in 2018, 84.4% of disadvantaged children achieved the expected standard in reading and writing. (See CCC report on Improving Outcomes in English for Disadvantaged Pupils in Cumbria) In 2019 we were in line with the Nationals. The one area that concerns us as a school is the percentage of children who achieve Greater Depth.

The results of the survey have enabled us to identify some clear areas for development to further improve reading for our children. (See Action Plan)

♥ Overall 59% of children enjoy reading, 8% reported they do not enjoy reading

♥ The majority of children (85%) reported that they enjoy reading at school and 74% thought that reading was cool! It was also wonderful to read that the majority of the children said that they do actually read at home as well!

 Following the survey we discussed reading further with the children, it was reassuring to hear what they had to say about reading;

‘’Something to discuss with friends and family’’

‘’Helps you increase your knowledge’’

‘’It’s entertaining’’

‘’You learn new words and it helps with your vocabulary and writing’’

‘’ Helps you in the real world, so you can read instructions’’

‘’Helps with ideas for writing’’

‘’The more you read the more your reading improves’’