The Arts

This is a quote from a report by Trinity College London, as part of our GOLD STATUS award (October 2014)

‘Greengate Junior School makes excellent provision for the arts. A good amount of curriculum time is devoted to the arts which is enriched by partnerships with artists and arts organisations. Pupils are consulted about the creative curriculum and are asked to discuss, vote and decide upon a topic to be studied which includes all four art forms. Pupils are given good opportunities to develop leadership through the arts and ‘arts leaders’ represent the school. The school runs Arts Award Discover and in future will provide opportunities for pupils to take Arts Award Bronze in Year 6. Pupils’ progress and achievements in the arts are shared with the community through the school’s Twitter page, the school’s website and local newspapers. The leadership of the school has created a reflective environment where all staff and pupils can contribute to the development of its arts provision. The school has robust procedures for evaluating all aspects of arts provision and determining future priorities.’



RNLI displays- Autumn 2019:




Summer 2019 hall displays…Around-the-World!





Music Challenge March 2019!

Each class had to perform a song linked to their topic and create a percussion instrument to accompany the song!





Year three training for this year’s UDance festival-March 2019!





Celebrating Chinese New Year with Rick Middleton, musician-February 2019!

Our school was lucky enough to be visited by Rick Middleton of More Music, and he bought in lots of Chinese instruments- he treated the children to an evocative mini concert and then went on to do a morning’s workshop with year five children. It was superb!




Greengate takes part in local music festival…July 2018.

Furness Academy, one of the secondary schools that we send children to, staged a musical festival for schools and the local community and our Junior Voice Choir was invited to take part. It was a fabulous event, the sun shone and the local community came together to celebrate the talent in our wards!





Arts week exhibition July 2018.

All classes worked on different techniques and types of print making through our ‘Arts Week’ then we held a pop-up exhibition to showcase our work!





Travelling by Tuba musical concert for all- June 2018.


Children perform at the Dare Dance Festival March 2018.


Greengate Junior Voice Choir entertain at Ramsden United Reform Church- March 2018.





Gifted and talented transition art workshop with local artist Hannah Willets – June 2017: