Wellbeing at Greengate

Greengate Junior School is committed to supporting and enhancing the mental, physical and emotional health of its pupils, staff and their families.

We have a community room, with internet access,  and an ‘open door’ policy if you need our help. We also have a list of useful links and websites, if you have any ‘health and wellbeing’ issues to deal with. Please ask for Mrs. S.Jackson or Miss A. Phillips in connection with this.

‘Ted’ our School Dog



We are supporting the MHFA England initiative for employees by taking part in Empower Half- Hour during the week beginning 13th May 2019- please feel free to join us!

Gardening club May 2018:

We feel that some of our ‘non-sports’ clubs really do enhance the wellbeing of groups of children- one of those clubs is our gardening club, lead by Mrs Reddy and supported by Mrs Roberts. Children are currently getting the planters ready for our summer displays.



Sometimes, our children just need to ‘de- stress’ and have fun! Year six after their SATs-May 2019!



Class 5W assembly about Resilience- May 2019:

The theme of our class assemblies this year have been very much linked to mental and physical well being, and class 5W presented an excellent example of this when the told us about mindset, bounce back and never giving up!





Some of our ‘wellbeing’ displays 2018/19:






Wellbeing Award for Schools 2018:


In January 2018, the school registered for the new Wellbeing Award for schools (WAS). Greengate Junior school is committed to achieving the WAS award; the staff, pupils and governors have signed up to this award to ensure that the outstanding work being done to promote good mental health and wellbeing within the school and its community is recognised.
At Greengate Junior School, we embed a culture which values the happiness and emotional welfare of all our pupils and staff. It is the responsibility of all stakeholders to promote good mental health. We are developing a whole school strategy for improving the wellbeing of everyone.
So far, we have:

  • Established a ‘Change Team’ to ensure that our ethos on Mental Health and wellbeing for all is firmly embedded within the school’s culture.
  • Developed an Action Plan (this outlines what we need to do to achieve this national award)
  • Introduced a Community Room (Advice and support numbers are available alongside a telephone/internet)
  • Offered support from a trained mental Health Nurse for families
  • Helped with referrals into other services that can offer support
  • Enabled SERIS (social and emotional resilience in schools) support for pupils
  • Enabled Counselling support for staff

APRIL 2018: CLASS 5G hold an assembly on looking after our mental health!

The assembly included information about feelings and emotions and how to deal with them, how to relax, what to do if you felt stressed or anxious and what made this particular class feel happy! Friendships and talking were also a theme! Thanks to Miss Gatt and class 5G!



Health Ambassadors:

Each year, we have a set of children who work alongside teacher Helen Woods and local business and health partners to deliver some inspiring projects that have an impact on aspects of children’s health. This years new team have just taken part in their first project design workshop- April 2018- pictured here with Neil Tippings of FESP.

Well being qualifications: Download