Year 6

Making ‘Beatles’ at the end of biography writing! October 2019:


Displays Autumn 2019:






SATs are over- transition is approaching!! May 2019!

We were so proud of the way our year six children handles SATs this year- there were a few tricky moments of illness and tiredness but they got through them (Magic Breakfast helped!!). As a treat, they had an afternoon of sport at the local Pulse facility, and also headed out for a ‘run-and-fun’ afternoon at Furness Abbey, along with the customary ‘amphitheatre roll’ and an ice cream” Well done year six!






Decades fashion show- March 2019!

Year six have been studying the post-war decades as their history topic this term. To round the topic off, every year six child designed a tee-shirt to show a decade then these were paraded in a fashion show for the whole school, which features music from The Foundations, The Beatles, The Supremes, Wham!, Bon Jovi, Bananarama and Spandau Ballet!




Class 6H assembly about the post-war decade-1980’s…March 2019!

Class 6H told us all about the 1980s- their history project for the term. Topics included toys, music, TV, fashion and events, and there was a selection of 1980s hits and dances too!



Year six study Varjak Paw- January 2019!
Tim Hall workshops motivate year six…September 2018!

The year six children took part in a series of workshops that helped build their learning and motivation for now and the future.






Year six study Kensuke’s Kingdom- June 2018!



Our year six children are still working hard, post SATs- our Power of Reading literacy unit provides a good focus for discussion, reading, writing and DT!



RED CROSS First Aid training for year six- May 2018:

Tony Jackson from British Red Cross did some basic First Aid training with each year six class. The training covered how to respond in an emergency, how to make a casualty safe, phoning for help and CPR using an AED for first responders!





Year six had the chance to work with Cathy Fidler from Barrow library, focussing on drama activities to produce a mini version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.







Christingles and Christmas biscuits December 2017!

Year six finished the term with some fun Christmas activities, including making melted snowman biscuits, and the more traditional Christingle making for our final Nativity service at the end of term.



Displays and work for 2017.

K’nex – May 2017!!

Decades Fashion Show 2017!

As part of their DT curriculum, year six children had to design and show off a tee shirt that they had made, which reflected the decade they had been studying in history! A real cross-curricular project with some DT, music, history, art and dance!

Years six enjoy a magic show and circus workshop from Joel Dickinson – February 2017!

As part of their spring term Magic topic, year six got the chance to watch and be wowed by fabulous magician Joel Dickinson. Each class had the chance for a little bit of ‘Backstage Circus’ work, which provided a welcome relief from the rigours of year six classroom life!

Year six visit Furness Academy for a STEM day – Autumn 2016!

All of our year six children had the chance to work on some STEM activities this term, with our local secondary school, Furness Academy, which is a STEM sponsored academy. The children got the chance to sample some science, maths and technology sessions and enjoyed a superb opener with Bupe Tyson, one of the schools fantastic science teachers!